Sunday, October 25, 2009

***Broadway Wishes***

Have you ever thought about what you would wish for if the Make-a-Wish foundation gave you a wish? Well.... there is a boy in Orange County that wished to be a Broadway Star. Apparently he's quite ambitious but the Make-a-Wish people basically made it happen last night. They gave him voice lessons with the best teacher in California and he performed with Broadway's biggest stars last night. I happened to be a volunteer at the event, thanks to my roommate who photographed the whole thing. So we're sitting in our little volunteer room and I hear, "I'll show you what shoes to wear, how to fix that hair, everything that really counts to be.... POPULAR" Holy crow it's Galinda singing Popular in the theater. I nearly passed out. We run over there and the stage manager says its cool we can go sit and watch. So here I am in the Orange County Performing Arts Pavillion watching real life Galinda rehearsing 20 feet in front of me. She's just in a pair of jeans without shoes on doing her thing and marking her performance on the stage. As if I wasn't already stoked enough, I hear someone say, "Bring Eden in, lets mark Defying Gravity" Oh PLEASE do!! I all but jumped right out of my seat. Elphaba and Galinda for real performing for me like it was my own private show. Really, does life get any better than this? There was a point during the actual show when Tim Halom was performing"One Song Glory" from Rent that I sat back and thought, "Nope, I don't think it gets any better than right here" Their voices were so incredible, I fell in love with music all over again. We had, Sandy from Grease, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, Roger from Rent, and of course Elphaba and Galinda from Wicked, and I was in heaven.

Galinda Elphaba


Elle Woods


The Whole Cast