Tuesday, November 3, 2009

To Be or Not To Be...

Is that the question??

My acting teacher gave this performance of Hamlet's famous monologue today in class and it ROCKED! I was like, jaw to the floor, rocked my world, blown away.. She creates this scene without a word, using just actions to describe the emotion, she's about to burst into tears when she lets it all go and delivers the line. What... It was awesome. This class is pretty cool, let me just say that.
We get asked every day, "What have you been learning since the last time I saw you" and "What have you seen visually that held your attention?"
I started out having a hard time connecting because I didn't feel like I could be very vulnerable yet. I'm starting to let my guard down a little but I'm still struggling. Last week I was resisting tapping into any emotion when she asked me what I had been seeing lately so this was the answer that I gave, "Well.. my body lotion is supposed to be a gradual tanner... and let me tell you, it isn't gradual, my legs are totally streaked..." It got a good laugh out of the class but not exactly what she was looking for.. Today I had to get up and show her what the word "fuzzy" looks like... anybody? anybody? I won't sugar coat any of it for you, I rocked it. No sweat. haha. Just kidding.
We had to talk about ourselves for 5 minutes in front of the camera on Thursday and then we watched it without the sound yesterday to kind of type-class each other. I was pretty nervous to watch myself but it actually wasn't as bad as I thought. Everyone was so nice to me. They typed me as "All-American Girl" I got an index card from everyone in the class with all of their descriptions of me. Kind of interesting to see what people think of me.
She taught us a secret today that 99% of actors in Hollywood don't use. Sshhh.... can't tell.
Tomorrow, I have to speak about myself without using the word "I" so as to appear more universal rather than personal. Stay tuned... :)
Love ya!